National Church Evangelism
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National Church Evangelism
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Evangelistic Vision

Our FamilyLocal evangelism is less expensive than national church evangelism. If you invited a friend and his wife for dinner, they came not because of some highly decorated invitation card but because you were their friends. They liked your company in your workplace and therefore knew they would feel at ease in your home. No national team had to be hired to do the inviting, no large hall needed to be booked. Your home was the auditorium, your friendship was the glossy poster, your Christian witness was the appeal, your local fellowship was the follow-up.✞

Friends at Ease

Highway SignNational church evangelism did have its place. Very often the leaders in a denomination were the only ones to have a vision for evangelism. When the small bodies failed to grow, the central body took over and did the best it could. However, if national church evangelism was to succeed, outreach must begin in the local neighborhood. We first needed to look at our own congregation to identify the spiritual health of our church. We could do this by completing a Church Growth Inventory.

Is your church as active as it might be? Suggest possible reasons for this and solutions you might try.

"National Church Evangelism"
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