Christian Clergy Ministry
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Christian Clergy Ministry
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Employ More Clergy

18th Century ClergypersonEvangelism at the national level of the Christian Church still had its place. But unfortunately evangelism has become nothing more than a form of public relations for the institutional church. The Church presented the impression of an institution involved and successful. It made its appeal for support and got the opportunity to throw its chest out and brag about its achievements. It bent the ear of the famous and powerful and induced pride in belonging. But really underneath it was not being effective at all.✞

Pomp and Ceremony

ChurchRallies worked wonders for morale, filling a sports stadium with loyal members and friends, bringing out supporters "en mass." Filling a cathedral with clergy and laity and processing so many dignitaries down the central aisle looked good to the people. But was the big meeting the best way to reach our neighbor? You had to get them there for one thing. Effective Christian ministry at home was better! We cannot rely on national efforts for growth, we have to see it at the local level.✞

Employing More Clergy?

Anglican ClericSome people argued that the way to draw in more church members was to employ more clergy and expand Christian clergy ministry. Statistically it was true that two full-time ministers in a community do touch more people's lives and build a congregation quicker. However, it also pointed to an even more significant truth that if the average man and woman in the pew took their own ministry more seriously then outreach would be so much more effective.

Vibrant Church

Large CongregationDocumented experiences like Terry Fullam's (1932-2014) in St Paul's Darien, Connecticut where rapid growth of a vibrant church has taken place, point to this. Blossoming of the church was due largely to a regenerated laity entering into a full ministry encouraged by local Christian clergy.

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