Local Christian Congregations
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Local Christian Congregations
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Church Evangelism

The Scapegoat by Holman HuntIn all walks of life, people looked for scapegoats. A workman swore at his tools, a golfer blamed the unevenness of the green, the rugby player wiped his hands on his jersey when he has missed a pass (by way of suggesting how slippery the ball was), the housewife blamed her husband when the cooking has gone wrong. Scapegoats were common but they were not really helpful in the church.


EyesChurch evangelism was made up of many parts. If individual members of any organization were sick then the whole body was impaired. If the separate fellowships were in good health, then so was the national organization. The key was with the local Church, and the way to get it moving again to a vibrant joyful community of Christian people was evangelism.✞

"Church Evangelism"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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