National Evangelism Growth
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National Evangelism Growth
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William Shakespeare

William ShakespeareTo all human beings and to God, resurrection is a new beginning. One of the greatest writers in the English language, William Shakespeare, (1564-1611) in "The Tempest" Act 4 Scene 1 wrote, "We are such stuff as dreams are made on." He then added, "and our little life is rounded with a sleep." One wakes from a sleep refreshed. How lovely! To Lazarus, death was a short sleep and Lazarus' Savior and friend assured him, "No problem!" Death blossomed into resurrection when the "Way, the Truth and the Life" warmed it! What is true for individuals touched by the Son of God is also true for the Church which is His garden. God's good news is that the congregations of his people can yet blossom. His way to a verdant, vigorous life is evangelism growth. The clear message is to speak out or shrivel up, it is to "Evangelize or Fossilize!"

Mass Evangelism?

Mission TentThe national statistics are helpful in revealing that the church as a whole is withering through lack of national evangelism, but in another way, the statistics tend to be misleading. They deceive because people automatically feel that national figures require national solutions. The ordinary people in the pew think that it is somebody else's problem rather than their own. Some national executive somewhere would think up a solution, or so they imagine! "Those who produce the figures," they argue, "are the ones responsible for finding an answer! They are the best minds we have, after all! They are supposed to have these gifts, that's why we voted for them!"

"National Evangelism Growth"
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