Dinosaur Churches Perish
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Dinosaur Churches Perish 6

Quietly Passing Away

Dinosaur footprintIn Canada, the membership of the main line churches has steadily fallen in recent years and there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who report, "No religion" on the Census Reports. The dinosaur, like the church, once flourished. It felt the cold water beneath its toes. It made deep impressions in the mud of a river bed many years ago. It lived but the dinosaur also died. Long before its imprints had hardened into rock, its breath had expired. Life gave way to death and fossilization.✞

Humans Live On

Ferry BoatWhile human beings lived on in their descendants, the dinosaur perished forever. Will the "dinosaur church" perish, quietly passing away and is it now on the road to fossilization? How else can one explain the lack of growth? How else can one understand its lifelessness? During a rough crossing from Dover to Calais one day, an old lady approached one of the ferry boat's crew members who was sweeping the floor in the passenger lounge. "Does this type of ship sink often?" she asked nervously. "Only once, Madam," was the cheerful reply. It is appointed unto human beings to die, but what about the church? The church is shrinking in North America. Is there any hope for a resurrection, a reversal of this trend? Can death be turned to life?

"Dinosaur Churches Perish"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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