John Wesley's Heaven
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John Wesley's Heaven
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Bursting Through Clouds

The GatesThe Rev. John Wesley (1703-1791) the great Anglican/Methodist reformer and theologian was credited with the founding of the Methodist Church and the evangelical movement connected with it that spread through Britain. One night, he had a dream about Heaven and Hell. This dream first found him standing at the gates of Hell, a place of torment and anguish in the afterlife. Wesley asked, "Are there any Presbyterians in there?" "Yes, a great many" came the reply. "Any Church of England members?" "Yes, lots of them." "Any Baptists?" "A large number." "And, are there any Wesleyans?" Again the answer came back, "Yes, many of them."

Living in Heaven

John WesleyJohn Wesley was then transported in his dream to the gates of Heaven, a place of great joy and peace in the afterlife. Wesley repeated the same questions and each time was surprised to receive only negative answers. There were "No Baptists, no Church of England, no Presbyterians and no Wesleyans, none were found in Heaven!" "Who, then, is in Heaven?" Wesley exclaimed. "We know nothing about the names you mentioned," came the reply. "The only name that matters here is the name Christian. We are all Christians and disciples of Jesus Christ here!" Christians would do well to dispense with their denominational labels!✞

Sun bursting through CloudsAre you interested in who else might be in Heaven? See Christ's Heavenly Body.

"John Wesley's Heaven"
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