Heavenly Mystical Body
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Heavenly Mystical Body
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City Missionary Welcome

The Name JesusThe heavenly mystical body begins in the making when a person commits to Christ. A little boy was shivering on a bleak and chilled city pavement, afraid and hungry. A city missionary invited him to a hostel and told him simply, "Go there, ring the bell, and when they ask who you are, say the three words, 'In His Name.'" The lad found his way to the hostel, ventured up the steps, repeated the strange words and to his amazement received a royal welcome with a good supper and a warm clean bed.✞

Name Lets You In

Hospital SignA few days later, he was seriously injured in a street accident and taken to hospital. The city missionary visited him again and assured him of the love of Jesus. In the hours before his death, he was found repeating again and again, "In His Name, that's what lets you in." Resurrection and entry into the heavenly body may only be expected by those who come "In His Name" that is in the name of Jesus.

"Heavenly Mystical Body"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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