Covenant Believers Heaven
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Covenant Believers Heaven
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Highest Heaven

Clouds in HeavenBelievers from the first century A.D. to the present, were described in the New Testament as "going up" to "Heaven." Old Testament saints, on the other hand, were said to "go down" to the afterlife. The reason for this was that Jesus Christ had not died and been resurrected. Consequently, Jesus' blood had not yet been shed on the Cross and the great sacrifice at Calgary had not been made and therefore no one's sins were forgiven. We were reminded of 1 John 1.7 which read, "The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin."

The Blood of Christ

Highest HeavenAs that blood had not been shed at Calvary there was nowhere else for the believers of old to go than down to the place called "Paradise," there to await the death and resurrection of Christ. When at last Jesus went down to visit "Hades," as he did after his crucifixion, he preached to those who were on the good side of "Hades," that is in "Paradise" as it then existed. Today, there was nothing to hinder Christians from going straight up to "covenant believers Heaven" when they died. The body of the person remained in the grave. There were three "heavens" spoken of in the New Testament. The first was "the aerial heaven" comprising the clouds and birds, lightning and thunder directly above us. The second was "the celestial heaven" with the planetary system, the sun, moon and the stars. Above and beyond the stars was "the third or Highest Heaven" though it was probably in a separate and new dimension. Into that Highest Heaven all true believers having been cleansed by the blood of Christ would go. At his Ascension, Jesus went up through the Aerial Heaven and the Celestial Heaven to the Highest Heaven. Luke 24.51 told us that, "While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into the heavens." The word for "heaven" here was plural which gave support to the Biblical notion of three heavens.

"Covenant Believers Heaven"
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