Church Denomination Differences
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Church Denomination Differences
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Belgian Congo Revolution

Belgian Congo Revolution 1961Church denominational differences were being whittled away by the media who sought maximum impact for themselves all the time. At the time of the Reformation, protestants would have no decoration or symbolism in their churches and even whitewashed over medieval paintings in the name of religious purity. Today on television, the descendants of those same zealous protestant evangelists surround themselves with banks of flowers and row upon row of vested choir members in glorious silk gowns. The media demanded color, variety, and visual excitement and did not care particularly for denominations beliefs except when it created controversy and thus good theatre. The overall effect was to merge the differences in beliefs and practices in favor of the overall production.✞

Bound and Live Together

Crack in BrickworkAll Christians belonged to the denominational body whether they wanted to or not. They were bound together, lived together and sometimes died together in Christ. The Rev. Dr Colin Morris (1929-2018) the prominent communicator and Methodist leader told of the bloody counter revolution in the Belgian Congo in 1960-1961 AD. He wrote, "Over three hundred missionaries, mostly Roman Catholics and extreme fundamentalists were killed. They not only bled the same way but whether they died clutching crucifixes or Schofield Reference Bibles they died for the same reason and the same Lord."

Church Growth or Shrinkage

Will the church grow by erasing church denominations? Interestingly, research showed that when churches amalgamate the overall body generally shrinks in size. Examples in South Korea according to eminent analyst and church growth expert Dr Donald McGavran (1987-1990) showed that, when churches splinter on questions of practice, they generally grow! The Lord seemed to want his denominational body to contain as many differences as possible. At the same time, they retained theological unity in Christ himself. He was head over all parts as in all the other emanations of the Mystical Body.✞

"Church Denomination Differences"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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