Christ Worldwide Body
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Christ Worldwide Body
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Stained Glass Jesus

headChrist's Worldwide body was only effective while directed by Christ who was the head. Heresy, which meant disobeying the head, disabled or even cut off a denomination from the body. The body hurt when this happened for Jesus Christ died for his body the church! One denomination did not have a monopoly over all of the Christian church's functions. The three major streams of catholic, protestant and pentecostal unified the Body by the various roles they played.

Different Contributions

Stained Glass JesusThose in the catholic tradition brought a history of liturgy and worship. It was the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches that maintained worldwide Christianity from the third to the fifteenth centuries of its life. Protestants generally majored on personal faith and benefitted the overall church by concentrating on adherence to Bible teaching. It was the churches of the Reformation that rediscovered the Scriptures and renewed the church over four centuries. The pentecostal strand of Christianity encouraged the work of the Holy Spirit to be re-established in God's church and so re-energized it.

Three Rope Strands

rock climberLike the three strands of a rope, the catholic, protestant and pentecostal movements gave great strength in their diversity to Christ's body. When one was weak, the other two took the load. The pentecostal and protestant strands were strong in the New Testament church especially in the Gentile churches. In the Early Church, it was the protestant section that brought such widespread evangelistic growth, but after the fourth century the catholic wing was in the ascendancy while the other two faded but remained in the background.

Genuine Christianity

Pentecost FlameAt the Reformation, protestants again came to the fore. At the end of the Nineteenth Century, pentecostal renewal swept through the church. True disciples of Jesus Christ were therefore fully protestant, completely pentecostal and thoroughly catholic. Genuine Christianity held these three truths together at the same time.

"Christ Worldwide Body"
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