Church Body Denominations
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Church Body Denominations
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Brains Think Through

ankleWhile church body denominations may be representative of different beliefs, practices and forms of government, they also represent the individual parts of the wider Body of Christ where Jesus is Lord. Various forms of administration may distinguish denominations. Anglicans have Bishops, Priests and Deacons, the Salvation Army has Generals, Captains, Lieutenants and wrap infants in a flag to dedicate them. The Catholics have cardinals and a chief Bishop of Rome they call the Pope. The Presbyterians have a council of elders with a professional teaching elder. As far as I can see, Quakers try to avoid any hierarchy whatsoever though I am sure it is there somewhere.✞

Practices and Administrations

BrainChurch body denominations are like the organs, limbs and parts of a real body. They all have a general function, but normally also have one area in which they particularly excel. English Anglicans featuring many eminent theologians and writers have been thought of as Brains that think through and theologize the faith. The Presbyterians were seen as mouths which excel in preaching major on Gospel preaching. The Baptists were seen as the uterus or birth organs to increase the overall size of the body by emphasizing the need for personal salvation. The Salvation Army are widely recognized as hands to carry the caring ministry of the church into the world. Others such as Quakers are know as movements of peace and meditation. In these ways, each denomination provides what the body needs.✞

"Church Body Denominations"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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