Christian Cultural Body
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Christian Cultural Body
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Saried Indian Women

Bishop ZuluThe Christian cultural body draws together all nations, races, different cultures and every language group. Rebecca Manley Pippert (1949- ) writes of this body across cultures, "What a tonic to my student doubts it has been to see Christ manifested in cultures vastly different from my own! To watch Thai believers witness to illiterate villagers through dramatization of the Prodigal Son story."

Cost to Love Jesus

Marriage Couple"To listen to a beautifully saried Indian woman, a member of a Hindu family, speak of what it cost her to love Jesus. Or to hear Messianic Jews in Israel sing in Hebrew their love for the Messiah. All of us from cultures so varied and different, yet all have bowed our knees to Jesus' name, the only name in Heaven and Earth that can save." One might add, "the only name in heaven and earth that can unite across cultures."

Contrasting and Complementary

HouseA color on a canvas can be beautiful in itself. However, the artist normally excels not by lathering one pigment across the painting but by positioning it between contrasting or complementary hues. The original tone then derives richness and depth from its sea of contrasting tints and shades. Doctor Paul Brand (1914-2003) added, "The basis for our unity within Christ's Body begins not with our similarity but with our diversity." In other words, all are beautiful.✞

"Christian Cultural Body"
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