World Christian Body
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World Christian Body
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Supports and Encourages

WavesBecause the Body of Christ unites all Christians, the World Christian body supports everyone and encourages the weak. During the last three centuries, North American and European churches sent out thousands of missionaries to Africa, South America and other nations to bring the Good News to the people of the whole world. This trend has now reversed. As new third world churches are growing strong enough, they are dispatching their own emissaries to a declining western church. Congregations in the Southern hemisphere are developing while others in the Northern hemisphere are shrinking.

Developing Every Week

BabyArchbishop Mannases Kuria of Nigeria was asked, "Is it true that there is a new church opening every day on the continent of Africa?" He replied, "I can only speak for my own Archdiocese. There is one new Anglican congregation developing every week." On the official photograph of bishops from all around the world at the Lambeth Conference in 1988, there were more black faces than white. Roles are now changing as one national church supports another and one part of the World Christian body builds up another. In what ways can my fellow Christians in other parts of the world help me and how can I help them?

"World Christian Body"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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