Mainline Institutional Church
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Mainline Institutional Church
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Being Strongly Marginalized

Children PlayingThe mainline institutional church finds itself brushed aside, stripped of its morals, weak and deserted by the younger generation. Dr Reginald Bibby an eminent Canadian sociologist explained, "The majority of young people in Canada are sending a sobering message to those who value organized religion. The tough reality facing the country's religious organizations is that religion is being strongly marginalized by the vast majority of Canadian youth."

Real Body of Christ

Household of FaithThe situation regarding the mainline church is not hopeless. The solution may be not to abandon the institution but to look again beneath its clothing for the real body of Christ hidden beneath it. This may be embarrassing initially as we have denied the existence of the mystical body for centuries. Turning aside from other concerns, let us devote our energies to the building up of household religion. As in the early days, households of faith are the future hope for the wider institutional church. The challenge to be effective and relevant is being faced not just at the corporation level but on the wider horizons of denominations and the global community of faith we call Christ's worldwide Body. A great danger for the present church is that it seems intent on upsetting other denominations by ridiculing their beliefs and moving further and further from Biblical standards in favor of political correctness. Political correctness cannot be a substitute for Biblical correctness!✞

"Mainline Institutional Church"
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