Institutional Christian Churches
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Institutional Christian Churches
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Eastern Mysticism Symbol

Eastern Mysticism SymbolModern men and women in their hyper activity have forgotten why they have their being. An eastern mystic commented on our Western Society, "They have the know how, but do they have the know why?" Our institutional Christian churches continued to perform the same religious things like services, committees, renting space and raising funds because they always had, but do they know why? A strong believer in Christian meditation, Padre Pio also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968 AD) stated, "Through the study of books one seeks God, by meditation one finds him".

Church Under Attack

televisionNo one respected or listened to the institutional churches anymore. It was under attack and generally ridiculed in the media and often rightly for the "weird antics" it took part in. Television portrayed clergy as bumbling eggheads or Bible thumping extremists out of touch with society's needs. Many clergy adopted this kind of caricature themselves, going around in fancy robes and carrying big books. Churches also reacted to society's criticism by diluting their standards to accommodate others. Instead of pacifying its critics this only stimulated further attacks and erosion.✞

"Institutional Christian Churches"
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