Christian Vine Branches
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Christian Vine Branches
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Bear Much Fruit

A GrapevineOne of the keys to a healthy church is ensuring that each member has a strong attachment to Christ himself. The individual, the church and its dependent household bodies are linked to Jesus and draw their life from him like Christian vine branches in a growing vine. The New Testament emphasized in a variety of ways this bond between Christ who was the stem or trunk and the members of his Body who were the branches. In another analogy, the household was the bride and Christ was the bridegroom. Again, in a third analogy, the church was the building and Jesus was the foundation.

The Christ Stem

FaceMy late wife and I together with our little daughter were on holiday some years ago in Folkestone on the South coast of Britain. As we walked along the sea wall one evening, we came across a vine growing inside a greenhouse. We looked down from the footpath at the greenhouse below. A dense mat of vine branches and leaves covered the glass roof. We searched diligently and eventually spotted the stem in a corner of the greenhouse bringing nourishment from the ground. It became for us a vivid reminder of the special relationship between Christ and his church, the connection between Jesus and his disciples.

Attached to Christ

VineyardIn the Household Body of Christ, Jesus provided nourishment for Christians who were like vine branches. Jesus said to his disciples in John 15.5-8, "I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit." Christians, like vine branches, were nurtured by the Jesus trunk. A bough failing to produce fruit was pruned off to stimulate new growth. It was also trimmed of dead growth to prevent contamination and disease spreading to other parts of the plant. As Christians, we are those branches which were intended to produce fruit. We were warned that if we did not do so we too would be pruned off.

"Christian Vine Branches"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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