Different Church Bodies
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Different Church Bodies
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Mega ChurchSome of today's largest churches, the so-called "Mega-Churches," were in South Korea and in the United States in places like Texas and Florida. Strangely, they were so successful because they returned to the Early Church's household principles. Hundreds of thousands of members relied entirely on small groups meeting in homes. Some of these churches were so large that they rarely gathered together in one place but this was not essential if the Body of Christ still assembled in household units of different sized bodies. Sometimes a quarter of the church met in the church building once a month! Many of the church members had never met one another!✞

House Church Movement

Ancient ScrollOver the course of the last two thousand years, the church has lost touch with its household roots and evolved as synagogue type building-based congregations. This approach may have served in other times but not in our current society. The so called house church movement in Britain was one attempt to remedy some of the inbuilt deficiencies in the institutional church. As offshoots of a local congregation they started off well and meetings in homes grew quickly. Many however became introspective or outgrew their premises and so moved back to a church type of building. What goes around comes around! House churches when they outgrow their premises also cannot be divided easily.✞

What affect would it have on your church, if you had no church building?

"Different Church Bodies"
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