Household Church Leaders
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Medium or Multiple Household Churches

Household Church Leaders"Medium sized" or "Multiple Household" churches generally have between fifty and two hundred congregational members attending worship each Sunday. At least ten households together comprise this worship unit much like in the old synagogue system. The clergy person is considered very much as the coordinator of the household heads, who are normally household church leaders in various categories of the church's life.

Large Churches

Large churches of over two hundred members comprise a greater number of households operating side by side. The clergy person is more remote in this model but exercises considerable power. Program household church leaders are important and the elders apart from exercising sacramental control tend to be more remote to the ordinary worshipper in the pew. Ministry is vested with the program leaders, the senior minister being an overall administrator and director of program.

Different Service Times

A Large CongregationIndividual households in a medium or large church may not be known to one another because they worship at different service times. Household church leaders rely on a group of lay leaders to assist in pastoring each household. Success in developing households lies in the clergy's ability to look beyond the formal institutional grouping. In discovering the real household units, he or she can then encourage and support household leaders and development. New households may develop as God's opportunity presents itself.✞

"Household Church Leaders"
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