Spiritual Body Temple
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Spiritual Body Temple
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Luxurious Worship Palaces

Church in lightOur church buildings were very different from the Early Church's. We inhabited luxurious glazed and lavishly appointed worship palaces complete with air conditioning, plush carpets and marble. Large injections of resources and energies were required every year just to keep them going and to satisfy their congregations. The genuine body of Christ however was not fixed like a building but was a moving and breathing organism, a spiritual body. A building may have appeared unchanging and inert but it was in fact swaying and shifting with temperature, wind and other forces. The twelve hundred foot high C.N. Tower in Toronto was an example of this as it swayed in the wind several feet from side to side as the concrete and steel stretched and contracted. All buildings expanded, contracted, and settled. Nothing was quite so immoveable as we imagined. The institutional church drew its power, devotion, and spiritual resources from the members of the spiritual body couched within her. The institutional church however was not the same as the spiritual body.✞

Churches Pass Away

Malcolm MuggeridgeChurches passed away, the Mystical Body only remained. The writer Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990) wrote in "Conversion," "All those churches raised and maintained God's name, from the tiniest, weirdest conventicle to the great cathedrals rising so sublimely into the sky, they are for the dead, and must themselves die, are, indeed, dying fast. They belong to time, you to eternity."

"Spiritual Body Temple"
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