Jesus Spiritual Temple
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Jesus Spiritual Temple
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John Hancock Center

The John Hancock CenterJesus is the one strong foundation for his spiritual temple, the Body of Christ, and his people are the stones. The John Hancock Center towers eleven hundred feet above Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Hidden below ground, fifty eight reinforced concrete caissons support its weight, extending one hundred and forty five feet to bedrock. The superstructure towers are so high because its foundations are so strong. Jesus' Spiritual Temple is strongest when it trusts totally in Christ, the corner stone and foundation.

St Peter's Caverswall

St Peters Church CaverswallIn the English Midlands, stands the ancient Saxon church of Caverswall. This church is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, a record of the Great Survey of England and Wales in 1086 AD by King William the Conqueror. Evil looking stone gargoyles glare out over the north door of Caverswall church. Metal rings, where horses and cows were once tied, hang inside on whitewashed walls. In times of peril, great storms or invasion, this building was the only secure stone shelter for men, women, children and even cows and sheep in the village. It kept them warm, safe and secure but was extremely bare and simple. Perhaps those early Christians looked beyond the chiseled stones and carved wood. Maybe they realized that Jesus' spiritual temple was not really in the bricks and mortar but in the hearts of his people. I like to think so.✞

"Jesus Spiritual Temple"
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