Corporate Body Christ
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Corporate Body Christ
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Small Worshipping Groups

Household of FaithThe Christian church lost its household roots in the fourth century in the Constantine era, moving out of homes to become more focused on worship buildings as in the synagogue model. The New Testament Greek word for "church" was "ecclesia." It translated the Hebrew word "kahal" which meant "assembly." "Ecclesia" had two parts, "ek" meaning "out of," and "klesis" meaning "a calling." These words combined to make the "Church" "an assembly called apart to the Lord."

Twenty First Century

ChurchIn the New Testament writings, "church" was invariably a local small worshipping group of Christians rather than a building. In New Testament terms, it was simply a group of people who were "called apart" to worship the Lord. The corporate Body of Christ though largely absent from the New Testament church still had a place in the organization of our church in the Twentieth First Century. By scaling back on the institution of the church, we could discover a new freshness and vigor in ministry.

"Corporate Body Christ"
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