Body Growth Exercises
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Body Growth Exercises
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Active Committed Disciple

Leaf of GreenGrowth is to be expected in any normal healthy body. Parents would worry and ask the doctor "Why?" if a child grew emaciated or stunted. Plants also show they are alive by growing shoots and leaves. An African Violet will wilt if moved into the bright sunshine from the shade and coolness of a corner. When the Household Body is happy, it too is normally growing.

Household Growth Ministry

Three Storey HouseThe three levels of household growth ministry are like a three level house. The ground floor of PRESENCE is simply to be there with people where they are. PROCLAMATION at the second floor explains the "why" of our faith. Its windows like the eyes of the Body show our beliefs to a needy world and explain why we care. Our PRESENCE and PROCLAMATION declare to people that we love them and God loves them too. The third level, the gift of a response, or PROMISE, is to active committed discipleship in the Body of Christ.✞

The Growth Equation

Exercising AthleteSeveral loving, caring households in the Body of Christ together form the Corporate Body that we generally call "the church." Fuller Theological Seminary has shown that if a church does not work at growth, it will lose members at a rate of seven percent per year. The Growth equation is always "hearing plus doing equals growing" and this happens through exercise.✞

"Body Growth Exercises"
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