Christian Body Exercise
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Christian Body Exercise
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Shared Bible Study

Girl holding up dumbellEveryone tried to improve themselves. Some slight men longed for bulging biceps while other bald men would dearly have liked a mop of thick hair. Some chubby people fasted or exercised furiously to shed an extra inch or two from their hips. The Household Body of Christ could get overweight too and was in need of Christian body exercise. The Church could suffer from lack of exercise on the one hand or overeating on the other. She could be fed constantly on God's Word but not put what she learnt into practice. Physical exercise strengthened human muscles and makes the limbs subtle. So outreach, spirituality and love equated to Christian body exercise and produced a fit household church. Christian maturity was the household's objective in the same way as fitness was the human goal. The necessary protein and nutrients for growth were found in shared Bible Study, vibrant worship, love, support and active ministry in the community.✞

Some Fat is Good

Fat Cells in the human BodyHaving said that Christian body exercise was good, we should also know that fatness in some parts of the Body was not always bad. Doctor Paul Brand (1914-2003 AD) wrote in his book "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made," "In the Body of Christ ownership of property and money is no sin, it is an important function of certain members. And when I liken wealthy people to fat cells, I use the image positively, as an admiring doctor who appreciates the role of fat. Hospitality and generosity are made easier by wealth. Reserves can help the Body care for itself and fuel its muscular activity in a hurting world."

"Christian Body Exercise"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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