Holy Spirit Regeneration
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Holy Spirit Regeneration
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Renewed Every Cell

Ice and waterThe three members of the Trinity coexisted in the Household Body like water, ice and steam. They were the same chemistry, but in different states according to their temperature and pressure. Christ, like water, lead and directed very visibly as the head of the Household Body. The Holy Spirit, like steam, invisibly energized and regenerated every cell of the Mystical Body in the death and life cycle. He lovingly blossomed lives by his presence, and rejuvenated members of Christ's Body. Like human skin, the body was constantly dying on the outside and was being remade underneath at the same time. The Creator Father, like ice, permeated every aspect of the Mystical Body's work.✞

Recognizing Another Christian

earThe Holy Spirit body within whispered that another person belonged to the Household Body. Saint Paul wrote in Romans 8.16, "The Spirit himself testified with our spirit that we are God's children." We were warmed immediately on meeting some Christians but other people left us cold. The regeneration or not of the Holy Spirit within that person made the difference.✞

"Holy Spirit Regeneration"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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