Holy Spirit
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Holy Spirit
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Praise Upon Jesus

BabyThe Holy Spirit of Christ is the invisible partner in the Holy Trinity. He works transparently in all life cementing relationships in the Household Body. The Holy Spirit never elevates himself but always pours praise upon Jesus. As a leg becomes gangrenous because of a blood clot in an artery, so a church is choked up when the Holy Spirit of Christ is prevented from coursing through its veins.✞

Need of Fresh Blood

Blood CellsWithout fresh blood, an arm or leg turns putrid and poses a threat to the other healthy parts of the body. When Christian people cease loving one another and when a church becomes a social society rather than a spiritual entity, and when a church wanders away from the teachings of Scripture then decomposition begins to set in. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit of Christ matures and develops the Household Body. Being "in Christ" means having the marks of the Son of God like unity, love, and purpose and by this God reassures us that we are his children.✞

"Holy Spirit"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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