Physically Challenged Persons
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Physically Challenged Persons
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Church Building Needs

Hearing AidIn the Household Body, as in the human body, physically challenged persons are supported by the rest of the body. In a human body, if one kidney shuts down, the second steps in and often enlarges to work for both. When an ear goes deaf, the head automatically twists so that the eye can lip-read the words spoken. The body does not excommunicate the ear because of it's deafness, it stimulates it as a valuable member, but simultaneously turns to another member for help. The frail, the disabled and the elderly as well as the physically challenged are due greater honor and are vital to the Household Body of Christ.

Accessible Buildings

Elevator entranceThe Physically Disabled are the reason our Church buildings need elevators and hearing impaired equipment. Otherwise our actions declare, "we don't care for physically or mentally challenged persons or those with other disabilities." This attitude dishonors the Body of Christ. The local school, the library and the supermarket are normally all accessible, but not God's house. Unknowingly, a congregation's inaccessible building gives a subtle message to the community, "the physically challenged are not welcome here!" The sign outside may read, "All Welcome" but the lack of accessibility gives the opposite message! We have to do better as churches.

"Physically Challenged Persons"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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