Simple Childlike Faith
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Simple Childlike Faith
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God's Kingdom

Orphanage Certificate RomeThe Early Church in Rome acted on their Christianity by going out to rescue and care for unwanted and abandoned new born babies. Often female babies in particular were unwanted in Roman cities and left outside on the doorstep for wild dogs to carry off and feed upon. Christians responded to this dreadful practice by creating orphanages to care for these precious ones. Mother Teresa (1910-1997 AD) would go out with her sisters onto the streets of Calcutta and bring back to the convent the sick and dying. They would then be nursed until either they recovered or died. She was praised and criticized for her apposition to abortion and made people feel loved no matter what their circumstances. Like infants, mentally challenged persons in her care may never develop the ability to make choices for themselves. They may remain in childlike faith within God's Kingdom until their lives' end.

Uncomplicated Christian Affection

Children PlayingSome Down Syndrome children though delayed in their mental development, have an abundance of love. I had several Down Syndrome teenagers in two of my parishes who would frequently throw their arms around you when you arrived and did not want to let go. Such uncluttered, uncomplicated affection and simple faith is appropriate for God's kingdom. Jesus calls his full-grown disciples to this kind of childlike faith.✞

"Simple Childlike Faith"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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