Gentle Christian Mentoring
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Gentle Christian Mentoring
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Praying Mentors

Child at DeskCaring, both for the weak, the young, the disabled and for one another, bonds the members of the Household Body together. Gentle Christian mentoring happens when your resources in Christ are offered and considered the other person's resources. We all have Christian mentors in our lives whether we realize it or not. Others are praying for our well being though we don't know it. Saint Barnabas mentored a new convert to the faith, Paul. Saint Paul mentored a young Timothy and so on.

Faithful Spinsters

Children PlayingAs a child in the early fifties, I remember two elderly spinsters, Miss Church and Miss Butt, visiting our poor home every week and collecting insurance money from my mum and dad. They became Christian mentors to me, my brother and my sister and brought us into a schoolhouse Sunday school thus planting the seeds of our later commitments to Christ. I have no doubt at all that they regularly prayed for us.

Teenager Mentor

Scout LeaderAnother of my mentors as a teenager was George Hoffman. George was a boy scout leader and prompted me to take part in church and scout activities, though my family was barely able to afford it. On one occasion, George even gave me a pair of hiking socks because he cared. Hiking socks still remind me of the gentle mentoring of what I now consider a great Christian man of God.

George Hoffman

George Hoffman was the Executive Director of Tearfund in Britain. Thank you for caring in Jesus' name. Rest in Peace, George.✞

"Gentle Christian Mentoring"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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