Shared Ministry Examples
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Shared Ministry Examples
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Bees in a Hive

BeeConsider the lowly bee as an example of shared ministry. The queen bee at the heart of a busy hive can produce her own weight in eggs each day. She appears to be all important in the life of the colony but she is in fact just one part in a vast organization with 10,000 cells for honey bees and 12,000 cells for larvae! Many other ministries beside hers help the hive not only survive but also flourish including guard bees hovering at the entrance to fight off enemies and scent fanner bees to point the way for those flying back to the hive with pollen.

Worker Bees

Bee HiveScout bees hunt out new sources of food. Other worker bees collect and bring in water, or plaster up broken down cells. Undertaker bees carry out dead insects, while others beat their wings rapidly to air-condition the hive when it gets overly hot. Every class of bee is important and the colony could probably not survive without any one of them. This is a beautiful example from nature of what shared ministry in the Body of Christ, the church, should be like.

"Shared Ministry Examples"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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