Household Body Members
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Household Body Members
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Clear Focused Plan

Our Church FamilyThe household body may have been a model for the Early Church but how do household body members operate today? What is God's plan for her? In a small church, there may be one or two groups of body members. In a large church, there would be many more. This model, when rediscovered, will restore what we now call "the church" to a clear and focused plan for the future. The basis of the Christian church is the family. Every family includes not only blood relatives but also those of the same faith.

Household Fulfillment

Household GroupHouseholds like being together and find fulfillment in one another's company. Their relationships define them as household members. If you are loved and accepted by the other household members, you are part of God's household. In caring and upholding one another, members of the Body of Christ often grow closer than blood brothers and sisters. Describe your part in the body of Christ. Are you a foot, a hand, an ear or what?✞

"Household Body Members"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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