Jesus Cross Decision
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Jesus Cross Decision
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Rock Climber

Cross Stained GlassThe cross symbolized a choice in life. Jesus cross decision marked one of life's special turnings which shaped our future destiny. Not to decide for Jesus was to decide against him! When an election was held, you picked one of several names by marking a cross in the box beside it. Selecting all the candidates, or leaving them all blank, wasted your voting paper. In a similar way, Joshua in Joshua 24.15 placed the same decision before Israel in his own time saying, "choose for yourself this day whom you will serve."

Faith in the Unknowable

Rock ClimberEvery such decision demands faith in the unknown and the unknowable. A rock climber, while traversing a cliff face, slipped and fell over the edge. As he fell, he managed to grab hold of a stunted bush growing out from a crack in the rock. Dangling precariously high above a rocky valley floor, he began to shout desperately, "Is there anybody there? Help! Can anybody hear me?" Suddenly a booming voice replied from Heaven, "Let go! I will catch you, if you really believe in me!" The climber thought for a moment, then cried out, "Is there anyone else out there?" In the same way, choosing Christ required a decision to follow Jesus Christ.✞

"Jesus Cross Decision"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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