Jesus Cross Treasure
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Jesus Cross Treasure
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Valuable Marked

PearlsThe cross was both a curse and a kiss depending upon how we responded to it! Finding Jesus' cross treasure was like frantically searching for a great treasure marked on an old weather-beaten map. Just owning it became an obsession. In a similar way, a hidden treasure in the Jesus' cross awaited those who searched for it!

Perfect Pearl Parable

Treasure MapJesus told a story to describe the Kingdom of Heaven like a merchant who spotted a beautiful and perfect pearl, much finer than any he had laid his eyes upon before. Hurrying out quickly, the merchant sold his whole prized pearls collection to possess this one of rare singular beauty and value. Discovering such a treasure was like discovering the Kingdom of God where Jesus the King led his devoted subjects in perfect love. The discovery by accident or by design of Jesus Christ was so amazing. It was so wonderful!

"Jesus Cross Treasure"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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