Holy Spirit Baptism
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Holy Spirit Baptism
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Independent Human Being

Image of Adult BaptismJohn 3.5 says "Jesus answered, "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit." "Born of water" is variously understood as baptism in water or by others as the waters that break from the birth sack, that is the "birth waters." or "amniotic fluid." There is about one litre of amniotic fluid at birth, when the woman's waters break. Amniotic fluids are mostly electrolytes but later in the cycle also contains proteins and other compounds to aid in the growth of the fetus. So for some Christians "born of the water" means being born in the birth waters and later born of the Spirit. "Born of the Spirit" may mean being given new life from the Holy Spirit at birth or for other Christians being converted later as an adult as an act of the Holy Spirit, sometimes accompanied by speaking in tongues. Baptism in water either by total immersion or by sprinkling is considered by the Christian church as a necessary requirement for every disciple of Christ.✞

Water and Spirit Birth

Image of New Born Foot in Mothers HandBirth can be viewed as the initiation of the human body into human life, just as baptism is the mark of the entry of the soul into the Christian life. The breaking of the waters signify the change from a dependant fetus to an independent human being, from one life in the mother to two separate existences outside of her. Holy Spirit baptism similarly witnesses the spiritual step from darkness into light.✞

Human Birth Waters

New Born BabyAt birth, a person is unceremoniously launched into human existence, at Holy Spirit baptism a person is ceremonially launched into the community of the Body of Christ. The role of the Holy Spirit at baptism is often questioned. Does baptism mark the beginning of a person's ministry as it did for Jesus when the Holy Spirit descended on him like a dove? It is important to also view the work of the Holy Spirit in the wider dimension.✞

"Holy Spirit Baptism"
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