Christ Opens Eyes
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Christ Opens Eyes
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View God's World

eyesAs members of the Mystical Body of Christ grow into holiness, God opened their eyes and they began to view God's world differently. They saw things in a new light. This same thing happened to two disciples who met Jesus Christ after the resurrection as they hurried along the road to Emmaus. Though they knew Jesus well, they failed to recognize him as they walked and talked. Suddenly, as Jesus broke bread in their home, he opened their eyes. Then in Luke 24.37 we read, "they were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost."

Grow into Holiness

StressWhen Jesus Christ opened our eyes he gave us a renewed vision for our neighbors who may not know him. Christ transformed our view of the growing numbers of seniors, the young professional Millennial and the ethnic groups speaking their own languages in our midst. Christ directed us to the new poor and their children in our big cities. As we ministered to others, we began to understand ourselves. We realized our own impoverished nature and began to comprehend our wonderful status in God's sight as his children. Christ awakened us to our own frailty and then to God's power beginning to work in us.✞

"Christ Opens Eyes"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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