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DandelionIn the Body of Christ, all are granted at least one of the twenty-five or so Christian gifts mentioned in the New Testament. Some people do not feel that they have any of these gifts and others feel they have many. For those who believe they have none consider a plant found everywhere. Its leaves can be eaten in salads, cooked and consumed like spinach. Properly dried, it brews to a tea-like drink while its roasted and ground root percolates into something like coffee. Its flowers produce a tasty wine. It is as common as the humble DANDELION!

Which Gift?

Two GiftsIt is extremely valuable to know which Christian gifts we do not have and those we do have. Billy Graham (1918- ) once joked, "Most of my friends tease me because I cannot carry a tune." A famous film clip from one of his crusades show him trying to sing the children's chorus, "This little light of mine." Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea are carrying the tune but not Billy! Dr. Graham has many gifts such as preaching and evangelism, but singing is not among them. All Christians have at least one gift but not them all!✞

"Christian Body Gifts"
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