Christ's Personal Indwelling
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Christ's Personal Indwelling
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Infusion of Jesus

Early Church Arian SectWithout Christ's personal indwelling there could be no part for the individual Christian in the Mystical Body of Christ. The Body of Christ could not exist for sects that denied Christ because Jesus was not present in individuals there. No Christ meant no Christian! No Christian meant no Body of Christ!✞

Entire Body of Christ

Siberian Labor CampCommunion was actual for a Christian prisoner of conscience in a frozen Siberian labor camp because, and only because, Christ's indwelling was burning in the warmth of that person's heart. Archbishop Michael Peers, (1934-Present) the former Anglican Primate in Canada said, "When I am by myself, I am the entire Body of Christ." Here was a great truth!

Prisoner in Dark

Cavernous cathedralThe solitary individual believer who shivered in a dark prison cell and two thousand worshippers in a cavernous cathedral both knew Christ's indwelling! When this personal indwelling happened in someone's heart, that soul would never be the same again. A spiritual implosion destroyed the old to create the new! God's chain reaction detonated atomically in our cells when we became part of the Mystical Body of Christ. Dr. Paul Brand (1914-2003) who as a medical doctor and surgeon developed tendon transfers for those with leprosy suggested in one of his books, "As a result of this stuff-exchange, we carry within us not just the image of, or the philosophy of, or faith in, but the actual substance of God." He was a great Christian man of God who toiled to make life better for the most severely disabled and echoed Jesus' compassion in his own life.✞

"Christ's Personal Indwelling"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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