Initial Christian Commitment
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Initial Christian Commitment
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Faith in Christ

Groom and BrideBoth initial Christian commitment and daily love combined to make a good partnership. In the same way, my daily walk and discipleship in God spoke more eloquently of my Christian faith than the intensity of my initial Christian commitment, though that was also important. Like a horse and a carriage, belief and belonging were always hitched together in the genuine member of the Body of Christ.✞

Decision and Discipleship

1 Saviour, 3 Nails= 4 givenIs a Christian someone who has merely made an initial Christian commitment, or did there need to be more? Some cradle Christians, who have been devoted to Jesus for as long as they can remember, do not remember a specific initial Christian commitment point yet they cannot be refused the title of Christian. An initial decision was of no consequence to them, it was their present faith that was all important. Saint Paul described this current commitment as, "until Christ is formed in you." All of us needed Christ to be formed in us.

"Initial Christian Commitment"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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