Unique Personal Names
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Unique Personal Names
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Christian Names

Name TagNames are very important to us. I have two unique personal Christian names, "Ronald Henry," which were given to me by my parents after I was born and later legitimized in the church at my baptism. I was given the middle name "Henry" after a king as was the custom in my family and for many families in England at the time. All the male children were given the middle name of a king of England like Arthur, Edward and George. My surname, "Meacock," means "son of little Michael" and tells you about my family and in my case the particular place outside Chester in England where these "sons of little Michael" originated. William Shakespeare interestingly describes "meacock" in one of his plays as a "hen pecked husband!"). By using the shortened name "mea" rather than "michael" may indicate originally a man of small stature. Interestingly, all the Meacocks seem to originate in one small area of Chester called Broughton. Meacocks in Canada, the USA or Australia all originally come from the same place.✞

Church Titles

God's Name YahwehChurches also have unique names like my home church "St. Catherine's," in my home town "Birkenhead." Saint Catherine (287-305 AD) a princess and noted scholar was the woman saint who was martyred in Alexandria, Egypt on a wheel. Hence the firework called the "Catherine Wheel." Denominations also have unique names like "The Church of England" which tells you something of the church history and my family allegiances in the past. I was born in a place called "Birkenhead" in Cheshire, England. Countries in the World have special names too like "England" and "Canada." Even the time I live in has the designation, "the Twenty First Century." Each label tells you a little more about me from the context of my existence. Names also describe my relationships to other people, to God, even to places and things. A nomenclature honors my accepted place in society, family and a community of faith.✞

God's Names

Amen JesusWhat do unique names mean? Does God possess a unique name too? Strangely, he does! He is called in Hebrew "Yahweh" though the vowel sounds are uncertain as Jews from 300 BC regarded the name as too sacred to be spoken. "Yahweh" means something like "I am, I was, I will be" What is the significance then of the personal name "Jesus?" Does God know our names? One young child in New Haven, Connecticut, thought she knew where God lived and had a question too. She had her own version of the Lord's Prayer beginning, "Our Father, who art in New Haven. How do you know my name?"

Personal Nomenclatures

Sitting Baby with Chef's CapEvery young couple goes to great lengths to choose special and appropriate personal names for their new born children. There are books of personal names to choose from. The meaning of the first name can suggest the desired character or role of a person. "Ronald" means "leader" or "strong ruler." John is "a child of God" whereas "Matthew" says you are "a gift of the Lord." Unique personal names are important to God, to me, to my family and to my friends and I hope to you too.✞

"Unique Personal Names"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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