Jesus Victorious Name
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Jesus Victorious Name
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Early Church Christograms

Christogram of Jesus ConquerorEarly Church Christograms, were a combination of letters which formed abbreviations for the name of Jesus Christ. They often used the letters "IC" and "XC" in Greek for the name "Jesus Christ." "NIKA" was a Greek verb used in this particular christogram which meant "conquers", or "conqueror" or even "is victorious." Thus "ICXC NIKA" meant "Jesus Christ conquers." In the Christian tradition today, we find the letters IC and XC in many churches, stained glass windows and on wooden icons of the person of Christ.

Eastern Orthodox Church

ICXC symbol"IC XC NIKA" was technically called "a prosphoron." These letters were so important they are stamped upon every loaf of altar bread in the Eastern Orthodox Church. In this way, Christians are invited to share in Holy Communion and be part of Jesus victorious name. Saint Paul refered to our victorious role as Christians in Romans 8.37, "We are more than conquerors through him who loved us."

Jesus Conqueror

Christogram on CoinJesus Christ's victory was over the works of the devil and over Satan himself. Saint John was therefore able to say in 1 John 3.8, "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil." Jesus is the victor!

"Jesus Victorious Name"
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