Jesus Personal Appearance
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Jesus Personal Appearance
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Somewhat Tall and Comely

The Head of Christ in the SunThe Early Church Fathers sometimes described as the "Christian Fathers" or "Fathers of the Church" seemed to have little interest in Jesus personal appearance. One early Roman source, which was probably false, was from a purported letter from Publius Lentullus in Rome to the Senate concerning Jesus. He was a Roman Consul during the reign of Augustus (BC 27-14 AD.) He described Jesus as "a medium sized man, and comely with very reverent countenance, his hair the color of chestnut, in the midst of his hair a part like other Nazarenes, his beard thickish and his eyes gray." I suspect that the disciples were was so completely immersed in the life of the new Faith that preoccupation with Jesus appearance would have taken away from the relevance of their gospel mission.✞

Like Him

Jesus Wall MuralHis disciples aspired to be like him in personality and character rather than in any other way. He was no ordinary human being anyway but deity itself. The Body of Christ in Jesus was and is the primary inspirational model for the New Testament church and the church of today. Jesus himself is also the source for our being at the beginning of the Twenty First Century. This model, when rediscovered, will provide each of us personally with a clear and focused example for our own Christian lives. Jesus, himself, is the archetype for our lives. We discover the universal purpose for Jesus life when we see his purpose as the Father did rather than in questioning what he looked like.✞

Jesus' Career

Two Chalices, Bible and GrapesJesus' career was like a shapely chalice with a wide lip, narrow stem and broad base. In the cosmic realm, Jesus' life portrayed a progression from glory (at the chalice lip) to humility (at the stem) and from lowliness to majesty (at the base.) We see Jesus one way, maybe in our mind's eye as a likeness of him but God views him in another way altogether because of his divine mission.✞

Jesus God and Man

Malcolm MuggeridgeMalcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990) a renowned British journalist and author put it this way, "Jesus, in the eyes of God, a man, and in the eyes of men, a God." At the Creation, Jesus had complete equality with God. He was and is divine in every respect. The crucial decision was made in Heaven that the Deity should take on a human being's personal appearance on earth as a man child, as a tiny helpless baby. Jesus volunteered. He laid his mantle of glory aside, left behind the worship of the angels, and underwent a self-metamorphosis into a helpless human baby. What a wonderful savior is he!✞

"Jesus Personal Appearance"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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