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Jesus Christ World
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Every Committed Christian

world globeThe church as a large world organization drew its strength from many local households. The world body existed as a network of national and international denominations that knew no differences in doctrine or practice except to be committed Christians. The Historical Body of Christ stretched backwards and forwards in time to the saints of every age who shared eternally the same commitment to Jesus Christ. In an extra-terrestrial dimension, the Heavenly Body worshipped around the throne of God.✞

One Mystical Body

doveThe Heavenly Body with the angelic host formed a great multitude of the faithful across the World. Every committed Christian was a part of this whole spectrum of the Mystical Body. Personal commitment opened the door to the many rich emanations of the one, mystical Body of Christ. Every committed Christian was automatically and simultaneously included, whether he or she knew or even wanted it.

God's Instrument

Light brown armchairAs I sat in a chair at home, I worshipped at the feet of Jesus in heaven. Because the head permeated every level of the Body of Christ, I was at one with all my brother and sister Christians around the world. The Body of Christ was God's instrument for bringing a hurting world back to himself.

"Jesus Christ World"
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