Christ's World Rainbow
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Christ's World Rainbow
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Covenant With Noah

A Rainbow over the OceanThe answer to society's and the individual's need is Christ's world rainbow. She, the Body of Christ, is one of God's instruments in bringing a hurting world back to himself. Like a rainbow, Christ shines in many colors and mets our very varied needs. God lays down his weapon of destruction, his bow in the clouds, as the sign of his peace covenant with Noah and the World for ever. Christ's rainbow is a pledge that he will never again destroy the world with a major flood. Christ's rainbow is God's pledge of peace to all people who will receive him in the World.✞

Hidden Sacrament

A Rainbow HatThe Mystical Body in the World, like the rainbow, contains many emanations and colors in a multitude of rich and different forms. Like the rainbow of colors that emanate from white light in a prism so Jesus is the primary body himself. The individual Body of Christ has his or her being in the Christian believer. She is a hidden sacrament in bread and wine. She operates in households where Christians gather under the headship of Christ.✞

"Christ's World Rainbow"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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