Television's Electronic Denominations
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Television's Electronic Denominations
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Television WorshipTelevision's electronic denominations have injured several major Christian churches in the sixty or so short years since its beginnings. Quentin Schultze (1951-present) at Calvin College argues that "personal prayer, meditation, and reflection are difficult for all of us in a television age. We're losing grasp of the importance of silence and solitude in our relationships with God and each other." Stewart M Hoover (1951-present) who is a professor of Media Studies at the University of Colorado says, "Denominational television simply cannot compete with the electronic church in sophistication, reach and visibility. Denominations have found themselves in a battle for national prominence and attention that is loaded against them." Many faithful Christians from the Anglican, Roman Catholic, United Church, even the Jewish Faith prefer to couch-potato before their televisions or their internet computer screens rather than worship in their own churches or synagogues. People tune in all day every day not just on Sundays for an hour.

Couch Potato Christians

Children watching televisionOne of television's greatest successes was the complete eradication of Sunday evening church services because the traditional churches just couldn't compete with the quality of their special programming at that time. Television defeated other religions not by opposing but by quietly ridiculing them. Christianity's leaders and those of other religions were being systematically stripped of their ability to influence society.

"Television's Electronic Denominations"
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