Television's Electronic Tabernacle
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Television's Electronic Tabernacle
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Stephen Entered Heaven

Stephen enters heavenTelevision's electronic tabernacle presented viewers with a materialistic heaven on earth, here and now. According to them, "one's sole purpose in life is to possess and there is nothing beyond death." Great care was taken to ensure that no one ever suggests an eternity or an afterlife. Also because there was no belief in sin, there is no need for a Savior, a judgment or even forgiveness.

Electronic Worship Places

Search for the Electronic TabernacleTelevision's electronic tabernacle was open for twenty-four hours every day of the year. As of 2011, household ownership of televisions in the United States was estimated at 99% and the majority of homes had more than one set! The average congregation worshipped at their own home shrine for three hours every day. There were several million sanctuaries in Canada and tens of millions in the United States. Unlike most other religions, there was a wide variety of choice with over twenty different small sermons at the touch of a remote control button. Sermons explained the wonders of "mother nature" or of "technology" which has replaced God as the "Evolutionary Significant Force." Alternatively, they focused on story telling through mind numbing soap operas.

Television's Electronic Tabernacle
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