Television Colonized Electronically
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Television Colonizes Electronically 24

The Printed Page

Mad Money's Jim CramerReligious television colonizes electronically. Worship is connected with monetary gain in order to sell products like books, CDs to unsuspecting congregations. The case is presented that religion is no longer relevant. Television then sets out to obliterate Biblical literacy and worship.

The Book Era

Image of a Printed Page of A Midsummer Nights DreamTelevision aspires to replace the printed page completely with the screen. It heralds the end of the "book era" as we know it arguing that no one needs to read anymore and even the books are on Google. T.V. absolutely forbids reference to the Bible or to the use of the name Jesus. I remember doing a short news clip for a local TV station about the Norfolk Broads Mission in England and being told in no uncertain terms before it began not to mention "Jesus!" As at the Creation, our culture still echoes the Satan snake in questioning the authority of God's Word, by asking "Did God say?" Television's anti-Christian beliefs are publicly denied of course.✞

"Television Colonizes Electronically"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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