Television's Family Semicircles
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Television Family Semicircles
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Fantasy-driven Solitaries

baby and fatherSince the coming of television, we no longer have had family circles where parents and children talked and shared and experienced life together, but we have had family semicircles gathered around a TV set! Sociologist Reginald Bibby the Canadian sociologist wrote in "Teen Trends," "If the pulpit was the place of proclamation about what was right and wrong in the past, the television screen is now the norm-creator in the modern world." This has since degenerated into a series of fantasy driven solitaries draped over a cell phone! Societal moral standards now come from television, cell phones and the internet!✞

Networking Morality

ClergyPopular television programs and social networking decided the morals of our young people more than any church or preacher. These standards were being undermined further by an uncensored Internet and World Wide Web. Just about anyone could go online and read how to make a bomb, purchase or even make a firearm on a 3D printer or view pornographic acts and pictures. We were seeing the television family semicircles dissolved into a network of fantasy-driven solitaries glued to computer screens of one size or another. Meanwhile parents complained of having lost control.

No Standards

Television cartoonModern television, while they supported individual rights and freedoms, ridiculed the relevance of institutional standards including the government, the police, the church, the clergy and particularly the Bible. Ministers were often portrayed as either bumbling idiots or crazed Bible thumping fundamentalists. Clergy may well have had as much or even more training than doctors or engineers but they were still viewed as gullible fools. This, despite the fact that many of the past developments and inventions over the centuries in our society came as a result of Christian concern for justice, the wellbeing of individuals and the search for scientific truth.✞

"Television's Family Semicircles"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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