Television's Sexual Standards
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Television's Sexual Standards
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Transmitted Diseases

A Man with a DrinkAt least one in ten adults suffers from alcoholism yet drunken driving still slays and maims thousands each year. Meanwhile, television soap operas modelled unbridled sexual immorality and low moral standards while viewers sat on their couches with the painful and even terminal consequences of a frightening array of sexually transmitted diseases. All the good this wonderful tool of technology offered was being submerged by the smutty agenda in society.✞

Negative Influence

TelevisionTelevision's low standards washed over into society from some programs. "Being hungry," it suggested, "was a just cause to steal in certain circumstances." "If you say you love someone," another jibes, "it is only natural to become sexually active with them." Christians who protested these principles were sanctimoniously told, "God is a God of love! Why do you criticize love? Judge not, that you are not judged! Why do you show such hatred to others? You are just hateful people!" Unfortunately, no standards were the norm in our promiscuous society. Things were getting worse as the actual crime and suicide rates increased!

"Television's Sexual Standards"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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