Christian Body Senses
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Christian Body Senses
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Christ Head

CathedralThe present church structures need to rediscover the senses from the Christ Head and be obedient to Him. A new model is needed which acknowledges Christ as the head and links together the limbs and bodily parts. That new vehicle is the Body of Christ. It will be successful even in today's indifferent and sometimes hostile secular culture. In the Early Church, when all seemed against the Jesus people, they succeeded spectacularly. We shall also not just get by but conquer gloriously when we rediscover the Mystical Body.

Entirely New Environment

author John NesbittThe Christian church of the Third Millennium, containing the Body of Christ, lives and breathes in an entirely different environment than ever before! Society has gone through many changes in the last several hundred years from an agricultural to an industrial to an informational base. Today's culture is often indifferent and sometimes hostile to the church and the Body of Christ. While technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, human beings in society have become less human, or humane, and more animal-like. John Nesbitt's book "Megatrends" speaks of this epic transformation with the insightfully precise phrase, "the ground has shifted."

"Christian Body Senses"
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