Christian Belief Belonging
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Christian Belief Belonging 16

Secular Society Asserts

Stained Glass WindowBelief without belonging just does not work. Secular society asserts that "one doesn't have to go to church to be a Christian" but individual Christians cannot exist outside the Body of Christ, either as the institutional church or as some other vehicle of faith, for any extended time without losing their spiritual identity. Away from the Body, Christians initially experiences a heightened sense of false spirituality, the high of "the unimpeded Jesus in me!"

Belief without Belonging

Faith PosterAs the weeks of absence from the faith community pass, these lapse into mere formality, a sort of belief without belonging, until Christianity has no real impact on life anymore. In fact belief and belonging naturally exist together. We all need the weekly glow of fellow believers for our faith to burn brightly.

Revive the Church

Burning FireLike the ember that falls from a burning fire, faith and belief quickly grow cold on their own, but revive into glowing redness when set amongst the other coals. As difficult as it may be sometimes because of the many faults of the institutional church and its leaders, Christians need to persevere with weekly worship attendance and fellowship.

"Christian Belief Belonging"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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