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Weekly Attendance

Cracks in the PavementToday's Christian Church society is being forced to move in order to avoid slipping through the cracks in society. Some parts of our Western Christian Church have already disappeared. Loren B Mead the educator, consultant and author of the "The Once and Future Church" wrote, "We are facing a fundamental change in how we understand the mission of the church."

New Future Vision

Group of Christians"Beneath the confusion we are being stretched between a great vision of the past and a new vision that is not yet fully formed." "Local congregations are now being challenged to move from a passive, responding role in support of mission to a front-line, active role. The familiar roles of the Christian Church with laity, clergy, executive, bishop, church council, and denominational bureaucracy are in profound transition all around us."

A La Carte Church

Scaffolded SteepleThe Christian Church of this Second Millennium is in a tail spin. Weekly church attendance in the traditional church denominations is down to a third of what it was in 1950. Still, eighty five percent of the population affirm their belief in God and say they are spiritual! Many people think of themselves as Christians without seeing the necessity to be connected to any church. The latest trend according to my Christian doctor is "a la carte church" where each individual chooses how to do their devotions to one of many gods which may include an occasional service at one of many churches.

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